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Conference Room Rental: How to Book a Conference Room for Your Event

Conference Room Rental: How to Book a Conference Room for Your Event

What are the different types of meeting rooms in the industry? Why should you make a conference room rental for your event? What is the importance of selecting the right conference room? 

Sometimes it may be difficult to decide a suitable place for a corporate meeting. Apart from the lack of information, you also may not understand how to choose the right meeting venue.

Therefore, this article will show you how to choose a conference room, so you can make an informed decision for your next event.

The right conference room rental can greatly improve your productivity.
The right conference room rental can greatly improve your productivity.

What Can You Use a Conference Room For?

When you picture a typical meeting room in an office building, you might picture several people who are seated at desks and behind computers.

The conference room, however, is a larger space typically utilized for more than meetings. This may include training programmes and presentations. 

The possibilities of a conference room are numerous. A conference room can be used to hold corporate events such as board meetings, team building, staff training, client consultations, product demonstrations, workshops, presentations, webinars, seminars, etc.

An experienced event planner will know that the ideal conference room has enough space for everyone in attendance, so they can walk around freely. Moreover, there should be enough space for participants to have a small area of their own. 

Lastly, you want to ensure that all conference rooms are fully soundproof so that the conversation is not disrupted by noise from outside.

How to Make a Successful Conference Room Rental?

Looking for event spaces for rent may be tricky, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes a breeze. Just keep these factors in mind when you choose a conference room for your upcoming event.

There are several key things to consider when choosing meeting rooms to rent.

Event Objectives and Itinerary

The event objectives and itinerary will determine the location of the conference room. It is essential to know what your event will be about.

In this case, you should determine the nature of the event.

What kind of event is it? Will it be a business meeting or a social gathering? 

If you are looking for a room for a business meeting, then you should consider the type of the event and if it requires a podium or not.

If you’re planning a private event for a few guests, then you can consider choosing a smaller meeting hall. If you’re planning an open-to-the-public event, you might want to look at more well-known locations like accessible hotels or convention centres.

If you want to rent a meeting room for your upcoming event, it is recommended that you shortlist several venues that meet your criteria before making your ultimate choice. Weigh your options carefully and don’t jump the gun. 

Your meeting agenda should help you determine what you need in a venue.
Your meeting agenda should help you determine what you need in a venue.


The number of people that will be attending your event is the second most important factor to consider. If you have a lot of attendees, then consider having a large conference room for your next event.

However, if you have fewer attendees, then consider booking conference rooms with a lower capacity to save money and time. 

Available Facilities

You need to consider the facilities that are available in the event hall, such as projector, screen, PA system and other accessories.

This is important because if you want to hold a meeting, then you need to ensure that the conference room is equipped with the required amenities, and you don’t need to bother bringing all the stuff yourself.

Some venues provide amenities like projectors and AV equipment.
Some venues provide amenities like projectors and AV equipment.


It is important to ensure that the conference room you are booking is located in an accessible area. If the location of the conference room is too far from your attendees, then it will take them a lot of time to reach the meeting place.

Moreover, if you have to travel long distances, then it can be very inconvenient for your attendees.

Parking availability is also another important factor to consider. You should ensure that the conference room has enough parking spaces so that your attendees can park their cars safely.

Ambiance and Design

Some key factors that influence the meeting hall’s ambiance include lighting and spacing. For instance, bright light can stimulate participation and interest, while warm lighting creates a more cozy atmosphere.

Spacing can refer to how easy it is to navigate the space. Your guests should be able to get where they need to go, and they should not feel boxed in. 

You can also take into consideration what your guests will hear. Will you have background music running throughout the event or will it be completely quiet? 

Interior design can also affect the ambiance of your space. An elegant and modern design may give off a sense of sophistication and refinement in taste.

A space with suitable interior design will make your event more attractive and create better comfort for your attendees.

These factors — lighting, spacing, sounds and interior design — affect the overall mood of your event.

Aim for a conference hall that is conducive for the kind of discussions and interactions you hope will take place.


It is essential to ensure that the conference room you are booking is cost-effective. The cost of the conference room should be within your budget, but you still have to ensure a quality experience.


You should ensure that the conference room you are booking has all the necessary facilities for refreshments.

Refreshments are great to have in case your guests get hungry. 

Having a simple sandwich platter and a coffee or tea station will make your event more enjoyable, and will encourage your attendees to stay longer.

You need to make sure the conference room has refreshment packages or catering services.

Refreshments are especially required for longer conferences.
Refreshments are especially required for longer conferences.

Top Conference Room Rental Options

Now that you have a checklist of all the things you need to take into account when making a conference room rental, let us give you a head-start.

Here are some excellent venues you can consider for your upcoming event! 

Conducive Workshop Space: Workshop Area on Penang Island


The Workshop Area classrooms in Penang.
The Workshop Area classrooms in Penang.
conference room rental Conference Room Rental: How to Book a Conference Room for Your Event - Ask Venue | Malaysia Venue Specialist
Workshop Area’s space is a good choice for a private event.

The Workshop Area is one of the rooms for rent you can choose from. It is located in Kenari Avenue, Desa Ria, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia. The venue is open every day with working hours starting from 09.30 – 22.30. 

There are 2 types of meeting rooms that you can choose from, such as a theatre and a classroom. The capacity for the theatre is 60 pax and the classroom is 15 pax. They also provide chairs, tables, whiteboards, and projector screens. 

The price for the venue starts at RM 300 for half day and RM 400 for a full day. The venue is suitable for meeting and working space with a small and medium headcount. However, this place is very private, and you have to cross the island to reach the location. 

If you need a private place with not too many people, then this place could be an option for your upcoming event.

Ideal Meeting Space: U+ Space

U+ classrooms.
U+ classrooms facilitate group discussions and brainstorming.
U+ bigger space with platform.
U+ bigger space with platform makes it ideal for seminars.

U+ is a meeting space that you can use for corporate events or private events. The venue is located on 3/9, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. There are various types of meeting rooms that you can choose from, such as classrooms and platforms. The venue can accommodate up to 4 to 14 pax for the classroom and 50 pax for the platform. 

Its price starts from RM 350 for half day with RM 75 for every extended hour. Their facilities and services are 100Mbps Wi-Fi, LCD / LED projector, stage, AV facilities, microphone, whiteboard, flip chart, DVD/CD player, and a PA system. Aside from these facilities, the venue also offers light refreshments and free parking.

For the facilities and services that come upon request from the customer. This place has a concept and gives the impression that this place is very versatile and able to provide all the activities that you want to organize. This place is suitable for small and medium events. You can consider this place as your meeting room or event space. 

Best Co-Working Space in Kuala Lumpur: Sandbox Space

conference room rental Conference Room Rental: How to Book a Conference Room for Your Event - Ask Venue | Malaysia Venue Specialist
Sandbox Space’s conducive working space is unorthodox and exciting!
Sandbox Space working space.
The Sandbox Space venue is a great place for workshops.

Sandbox Space is a meeting space located in Jln Radin Bagus 3, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This place is ideal for passionate people who are pursuing their dreams. Its out-of-the-box layout tends to appeal to young people.  

The meeting room can accommodate up to 16 pax and the open space up to 100 pax. They also provide various additional services and facilities, such as PA systems, DVD/CD player, whiteboard, flipchart, AV facilities, LCD / LED projector, speaker with 2 wireless mics, chair, table, and 300 Mbps Wifi.

Moreover, they provide free flow coffee and tea, photocopiers, phone boots, locker rentals, and rain showers. 

The price for the corporate package is up to RM38 for a half day and RM98+ for a full day. Discounts are available if you book more than 4 hours in advance. The price for the event space is up to RM198 with a minimum of 3 hours booking.

It is ideal for small to large events. You can consider this venue if you’re looking for a change of scenery. 

Meeting Hall in Selangor – Wisma Unicorn

Wisma Unicorn classrooms.
Wisma Unicorn classrooms can accommodate lectures and training.

conference room rental Conference Room Rental: How to Book a Conference Room for Your Event - Ask Venue | Malaysia Venue Specialist
Wisma Unicorn has a large space ideal for corporate and private events.

Wisma Unicorn is located at 8, Petaling Utama Avenue, Taman Petaling Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. The venue could be a meeting space and event hall for corporate events and private events.

There are 2 types of rooms that you can choose from, such as a classroom with 60 pax capacity and a theatre with 150 pax capacity. 

They provide several facilities and services, such as standard Wi-Fi, projector, flip chart, water dispenser, candies, wireless or headset microphone parking area, and markers. 

However, to use the water dispenser, participants need to bring their own bottle. The prices have lots of options, such as with basin or not and level 1 or 2. 

They are located in the strategic area of Selangor. This place is suitable for mid to large headcounts of your events. You can consider this place if your participants exceed 60 pax.


In order to find the right places for your upcoming events, there are several things you must consider before making your conference room rental. You need to be careful to choose based on your needs and budget.

The important things you should consider when choosing it are event objectives and itinerary, headcount, available facilities, accessibility, ambiance and design, cost, and refreshments. 

Here at AskVenue, you won’t regret the meeting venue you choose. If you take all of these things into account, you will find the right place for your upcoming event. We also provided you with some options for a conference room for rent.

Check them out and book the one that fits your needs. 

Was this article helpful? If it was, share it with your colleagues and working friends in case they have an upcoming event too!

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