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Luxurious Versatility at Holiday Villa Hotels & Conference Centre

Travel and hospitality may not be on everyone’s minds these recent times, but they’re still an option. You may be

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Your Guideline for Planning Events during RMCO

Meetings, seminars, training and courses can now be organised with strict adherence to standard operating procedure. The Government of Malaysia

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5 Awesome Venue Spaces by Berjaya Hotels & Resort

While the “Berjaya” brand is more commonly associated with popular food chains such as Starbucks, Kenny Rogers and Krispy Kreme

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Top 13 Meeting Rooms to Rent in Klang Valley

A change of meeting environment may help make it more productive for the team. Source: Meetings are the norm

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The 10 Best Garden Wedding Venues in Klang Valley

For those who love nature a lot (apart from their partners) and wish to include some plants and greeneries to

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How To Prepare For Your Office Annual Dinner

The backdrop for a company annual dinner event. Source:   Ahh, it’s that time of the year again –

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12 Best Affordable Wedding Venues in KL

With the ever-rising cost of goods and materials each year, finding for an affordable venue to celebrate your marriage can

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12 Best Wedding Venues in Kuala Lumpur

Glittering lights, fresh bouquets of flowers surrounding the wedding venue, beautifully decorated hall with sparkling clean red carpet…you sigh happily

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15 Best Annual Dinner Venues in KL & Selangor

Annual dinners are one of the yummy things to look forward to especially after a year of hard work and

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15 Best Wedding Venues in Selangor

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event so there are many things to consider, including a wedding venue.

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