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10 Things to Expect as an Event Organizer in Malaysia

10 Things to Expect as an Event Organizer in Malaysia

Are you an event organizer in Malaysia whose job has suffered as a result of the pandemic?

Are there challenges in your field that you could not have foreseen?

If you said “Yes,” to any one of those questions above, we wrote this for you! 

Most event management companies in Malaysia are having a hard time coming to terms with the new normal.

Planning and executing an event has never been harder, especially during this global crisis. 

However, event management services are still very much in demand. If you make a few changes in your approach, and go with the flow, you and your event organizing business should bounce back just fine.

Here are some things to expect as an event organizer in Malaysia.

Event Planning During COVID-19

When the pandemic happened, lots of events, including wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, annual dinner, and graduations were postponed or even cancelled.

The Malaysian Government implemented the Movement Control Order (MCO) which consisted of strict measures in hopes that the pandemic could be contained. 

There was a ban imposed on social gatherings which saw the cancelation of many large-scale events. Event organizers in Malaysia had to obey the new standard operating procedures or incur legal and health consequences. 

Therefore, many of these events shifted to an online platform, and this gave rise to the popularity of virtual events.

Seminars became webinars and offline workshops became online workshops.  There were online graduation parties, and event wedding receptions were held online. 

During the pandemic, event organizers are required to prepare the virtual events to continue to keep their job and to stay active in the event management industry.

In addition, they can also add services to continue to satisfy consumers during virtual events, like arranging for food delivery for virtual business dinners.

event organizer in malaysia 10 Things to Expect as an Event Organizer in Malaysia - Ask Venue | Malaysia Venue Specialist
Wedding drive-thru during Covid-19. Source: Bernama

What to Expect as an Event Organizer in Malaysia

The changes and emerging trends that COVID-19 has brought to the event industry now bring to a new stage and the industry needs to adapt to the new environment, especially when the MCO was lifted by the Malaysian government.

The development of online event services has greatly changed the way of organizing virtual events and created a trend called virtual event organizer Malaysia.

Being an event organizer in Malaysia in 2021 means considering these key aspects, such as:

Kasus Covid-19 Malaysia Melonjak Lagi Jadi Ribuan per Hari
Malaysia Covid Mural. Source: VOA

Latest SOP

There are several Malaysian SOPs that should be considered by event organizers – this is the latest SOP published

MySejahtera App. Source: Bloomberg
MySejahtera App. Source: Bloomberg
  1. Every citizen or even traveller should have MySejahtera App to facilitate activities during the pandemic.
  2. Hand sanitizer must be provided in every entrance area and the customers must use it before entering the area.
  3. Interstate travel is only allowed for fully vaccinated individuals. They should show their vaccination card or certificate.
  4. Face-to-face meetings, seminars, courses, training, workshops, talk shows, and government events are allowed only for fully vaccinated individuals. The venues allow full capacity but with a physical distance.
  5. Weddings, engagements, receptions, festivals, feasts, birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, and other social events are allowed only for fully vaccinated individuals. The venues only allow 50% capacity with social distancing.
  6. For individuals who are not fully vaccinated or even unvaccinated, they need to undertake the Covid-19 test before coming to the events and bringing the test result.

Strong Emphasis on RSVP-ing for Headcount Estimation

Event organizers are now required to have a virtual events’ system to track the number of people who have RSVP-ed for their event.

The event planner is also required to monitor the number of RSVPs, so that they can provide accurate headcount estimation for their event. 

This will make the social distancing process easier and can avoid overloading of the event organizer.

Moreover, the event organizer can create a seating plan for the attendees to stay comfortable during the events.

Self-check in Kiosk. Source: futuretravelexperience
Self-check in kiosk. Source: futuretravelexperience

Demand for Contactless Exchanges

Event organizers are able to provide an additional value-added service for their attendees during the event.

For example, attendees can use a contactless card to pay for the food and beverage.

In addition, the attendees can also exchange money via a contactless card in a convenient way.

Therefore, this will help in enhancing customer experience and providing a more professional look for the event planner.

It can also reduce queues and crowds upon entering event venues.

Hybrid Events and Meetings

“Hybrid events” is one of the newer terms or buzz words in the event management industry.

Event organizers should familiarize themselves with how to conduct hybrid meetings as they are in some ways, the best of both worlds.

You can have a mixture of in-person meet-and-greets while having the rest of the attendees go online.

Many people still feel safer from the comfort of their own homes. Others feel that hybrid events are simply more efficient than traditional meetings. We expect an even bigger increase in hybrid events in the next few years. 

Hybrid meetings may be here to stay.
Hybrid meetings may be here to stay.

Event Staggering

Event organizers can space out events by creating event-staggered schedules, while still meeting the demands of their attendees. 

One way to do this is to break up one large event into multiple small ones.

The first set of events will be open for everyone, while the next set of events will be only available to those who have made a reservation for it.

Therefore, this can reduce overcrowding and traffic congestion at different times during an event.

The event planner can also adjust their event by doing it at different times. For example, an event planner can have one type of event in the morning and another type of event in the afternoon.

Micro-Events and Small Scale Gatherings

This is another trend that event organizers will experience in the future. The event organizer will be able to provide small – scale, exclusive events for their attendees during the day.

The event planner can use the micro-events to engage their attendees more closely and provide them with an additional value-added service.

Therefore, this will help in improving their social distancing efforts and improve attendance at their events.

Besides that, it will increase the quality of experience instead of the number of guests.

Demand for Better AV Equipment

The event industry is now starting to invest more in the AV’s equipment for their events and offer live-streaming services, or allow others to attend on other broadcasting channels.

This is because the event industry is not just focusing on how many people are attending their events but also focuses on the quality of experience for their attendees (physical and online).

Therefore, the better AV equipment will help in providing a better quality of experience for their attendees.

Live-streaming allows remote attendees to be a part of the event.
Live-streaming allows remote attendees to be a part of the event.

Increase in Outdoor Events

Outdoor locations and venues may be preferred sometimes. The event organizers should have better arrangements for social distancing and safety of their attendees. 

They need to provide a full service event management for their attendees.

The event organizers will also need to provide better facilities for the event, such as restrooms, food and drink, and entertainment for their attendees.

Relaxed Travel Restrictions

The government has relaxed travel restrictions since the latest MCO ended and the event industry is slowly coming back to life.

Event organizers can expect further decreases in these restrictions since most of the nation has been vaccinated. 

Thus, event management companies need to be prepared for the incoming crowd. The event organizers will also need to adapt their event services to the changes in social distancing and improve the safety and security of their attendees.

Besides that, they still need to check the latest health protocols by the government and make sure that their events comply with them. 

On-Site Testing for Covid-19

The event industry is now seeing the on-site testing for COVID-19. It will help the event organizer to screen the participants who come because they can come from various places and carry viruses that can be transmitted.

This is useful for preventing the occurrence of new COVID-19 clusters. In addition, it is also useful to ensure that the participants who come are people with healthy conditions and are fit to take part in the event.

event organizer in malaysia 10 Things to Expect as an Event Organizer in Malaysia - Ask Venue | Malaysia Venue Specialist
Some high profile events have Covid-19 testing on-site. Source: Homage

Top 5 Tips for Navigating the New Normal in Event Organizing

The “new normal” is often referred to as a new way of doing things and paying attention to healthcare.

In terms of event organizing, the event planner must also be able to adjust to the new normal so that events can continue.

Below are some tips that can be followed for a successful event in 2021 post-lockdown.

Business event during Covid-19. Source: CMW
Business event during Covid-19. Source: CMW

Tips #1: Clarify Health and Safety Protocols

Health and safety protocols should be well-defined. If the event is held in an area that has a high risk of infection, then it is important to know how to handle this situation.

For example, if there are large crowds, then it is important that the event personnel knows how to respond.

Tips #2: Do Surveys and Research Target Audience

Surveys and research are important to be done in advance. This research can provide insight to event management companies, and give them a better idea of what people are interested in.

For example, do they prefer in-person events or virtual?

If you’re holding an in-person event, you’ll definitely want to know what kind of activities will be well-received by the target audience.

This research also paves the way for future event planning during the post-pandemic landscape.

Tips #3: Master Virtual and Hybrid Event Planning

The organizer must be able to master virtual and hybrid event planning. It is important to plan events that are both physical and virtual.

This will help the organizer to continue holding successful events during this period.

Tips #4: Be Prepared for Cancellation and Have Refund Procedures Ready

Be prepared for cancellation, and you should have refund procedures ready.

It is important to be able to prepare for cancellations, especially since the rest of 2021 is still a time period with fluctuating cases, so event cancellations are considered as a normal thing.

Tips #5: Choose an Appropriate Venue

Choose an appropriate venue that is both safe and accessible.

A lot of research must be done on the area where the event will be held so that it can be both safe and accessible.

It should be planned properly.

Choosing a Venue for Your Event Post-MCO

After MCO, it is important to choose an appropriate venue for your event, such as an annual dinner, or you can use it as a wedding venue.

A lot of things need to be considered when choosing a venue for your event post-MCO.

The venue that you choose will reflect your company’s image. 

Hence, some recommended event spaces for rent for your upcoming events, and you can take these into consideration.


Dream Event Venue: W Kuala Lumpur

event organizer in malaysia 10 Things to Expect as an Event Organizer in Malaysia - Ask Venue | Malaysia Venue Specialist
W Kuala Lumpur Ballroom seminar layout.

W Kuala Lumpur can be said to be a dream event venue because it is a special and beautiful place, where you can see the Petronas Twin Towers.

This place is located at 121, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

There are 3 types of rooms that you can choose from, such as theatre, reception, and banquet.

The room’s capacity is 700 pax and the capacity is the same for each room. There are several facilities that they provide, such as a flipchart, microphone, AV facilities, LCD projector / LED, stage, and Wi-Fi.

This place is suitable for weddings, private events, team building, and corporate events.

W Kuala Lumpur Ballroom. Source: AskVenue
W Kuala Lumpur Ballroom transformed for a conference.

One-Stop Venue: Berjaya Times Square Hotel

event organizer in malaysia 10 Things to Expect as an Event Organizer in Malaysia - Ask Venue | Malaysia Venue Specialist
Berjaya Times Square Hotel ballroom space.

Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur located in Berjaya Time Square, No. 1, Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It is called a one-stop venue because you can shop, eat, and get entertainment experiences in one place.

The maximum capacity for the venue is 2000 pax, and it is suitable for large events such as weddings, graduations, corporate events, team building, and conferences. 

They provide microphones, DVD/CD player, LCD Projector / LED, stage, and Wi-Fi. The venue has a classy and elegant atmosphere, and you will get the ambience from the first time.

This place will feel special on a special occasion with very special people around you.

Berjaya Times Square Hotel event space. Source: AskVenue
Berjaya Times Square Hotel event space.

Premiere Your Event at Premiere Hotel

event organizer in malaysia 10 Things to Expect as an Event Organizer in Malaysia - Ask Venue | Malaysia Venue Specialist
Premiere Hotel Ballroom.

Premiere Hotel is a suitable place for your upcoming events such as private events and corporate events. It is suitable for meetings, conferences, weddings, team building, and seminars.

The venue is located at Jalan Langat, Bandar Bukit Tinggi 1, 41200 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. It has 6 rooms with a maximum capacity of 1000 pax. 

They also provide several facilities, and services such as access to a surau, microphones, whiteboard, flip chart, AV facilities, DVD / CD player, PA system, tables, chairs, LCD projector / LED, stage, TV with HDMI cable, and Wi-Fi.

The venue is located in a strategic area which is near the airport, city centre, shopping malls, and other amazing places.

event organizer in malaysia 10 Things to Expect as an Event Organizer in Malaysia - Ask Venue | Malaysia Venue Specialist
Premiere Hotel conference room.


Event organizer companies in Malaysia have faced many challenges during this pandemic.

But with the appointment of the MCO, it is hoped that this sector can gradually rise and adjust to the new conditions.

As an event organizer, do take note of these tips! In addition, this article also gave you some recommendations for great event venues.

Don’t forget to comply with government-issued health protocols at every event you organize.

Now that you know what to expect as an event organizer in Malaysia, you can better navigate the post-pandemic landscape.

Make sure to share this article if it helped you out!

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