Walnut Cafe & Bar

The quality of our food, drink, services

Maximum Capacity:

Seating: 250 pax      Theater: (+/-) pax


Buffet Package

RM68+ / pax
  • RM88+
  • RM108+

WALNUT CAFE & BAR concerns about the quality of our food, drink, services and also the overall environment. Hence, we insist to use freshest ingredients for all our signatured foods and drinks. The speciality of food at WALNUT CAFE & BAR is Western style dishes cooked with freshly seafood in contemporary flavor. WALNUT CAFE & BAR is more than just a place for good food, relax and chill. Every corner in our place are designed to be an art piece. It is meant for peoples who love art and design, and great for photo shooting, too! Another great things to explored is the design of all our tables. The name of WALNUT inspired by the wood material of the tables that we use in our place. WALNUT is one of the most strong, hard and durable woods that is great for doing table top. It has excellent woodworking qualities, and takes finishes well. Each WALNUT table in our place has different wood texture and uniquely designed for sale. Whether for food, art, coffee, or beer, WALNUT CAFE & BAR is perfect for any occasion and welcomes friends and families to enjoy themselves just as they would at home.

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  1. Wow

    Love the food very much, Seafood is very fresh, and especially the staff named Rakib has a very friendly service and he care about the guests satisfaction…

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