Sky Palace 食唯天 @ One City

Sitting primly within the vibrant One City in USJ25, Sky Palace 食唯天 is a Chinese restaurant that serves fine Chinese cuisine. 

The restaurant masterfully merges traditional Chinese colour palette with contemporary twist in food presentation, creating an elegant backdrop to its mouth-watering authentic Cantonese dishes. 

Spanning over 8000 square feet across two floors, get ready to be awed by Sky Palace’s carefully calibrated interior that speaks elegance with hints of modern Chinese décor, making it a perfect place for any occasion, be it a company annual event or wedding celebration. 

Sky Palace comes built with two VVIP and seven VIP luxurious private dining rooms equipped with karaoke facilities, offering both privacy and comfort for those requiring a more serene dining environment away from the crowd and enabling you to create lasting memories for every family and friend gathering. 

Other amenities include LCD/LED projector, quality PA system, DVD/CD player, microphone, stage and wifi Internet access.

Led by multiple international award-winning Chef Lai Yong Meng, Sky Palace is known for its exquisite Cantonese cuisine that is both authentic and healthy, made with the best ingredients, all of which have been carefully selected for your well-being. 

Using only high-quality organic ingredients for an ultimate dining experience, Sky Palace offers a delightful selection of finest and tantalising Cantonese fare that combines authentic flavours with originality. 

Feast heartily on the restaurant’s specialties such as dim sum, Double Boiled Superior Shark’s Fin Soup with Lobster Fillet, Special Baked Whole Turbot Fish served in Clay Pot, Stewed 2H Abalone with Cabbage Oyster Roll, and Signature Suckling Pig. 

If you are looking to host your wedding there, different wedding packages are available, starting from RM898 nett per table of 10 persons.

Just sit back and enjoy Sky Palace’s impeccable service and world-class Chinese cuisine prepared by the team of highly-trained chefs. 

Savour the finest moments with Sky Palace, 

contact them now for more information and reservations!

首家食唯天开设在USJ25的新地标 – OneCity 内,餐厅设计走现代简约风格,却不失典雅高贵,面积约8,000 平方尺, 设有2 间VVIP 和7 间VIP 豪华贵宾厢房,厢房设施还包括有卡拉OK, 让您在雅致的专属空间内,悠闲享用风味小餐点与鲜美海鲜,搭配精选茗茶和醇酒,提供您精 致中餐的绝顶享受。 

食唯天以粤式美味餐饮为主,并融入我国道地的精致特色料理元素,大胆创新撞上传统美食, 招牌佳肴包括点心、龙皇艳霸烩鲍翅、砂锅焗珊瑚鱼、食唯天排云乳猪、两头鲜鲍白菜卷等, 全方位完美迎合美食饕客的口味。 由主厨赖泳鸣师傅领军的食唯天,主打有机中华料理,每日严选最新鲜的蔬果、肉类和海鲜等 全有机食材,再配上师傅精湛的手艺和精心烹调,色香味俱全的精致中式料理,让人难忘其奢 华的味觉及心灵享受。 此等享受只应天上有,人间难得唯有食唯天。

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  1. Exceptional

    Service very good, very attentive, despite its chinese new year very busy period, the food quality is still very good. The food is nice, tasty and rather unique.

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