Infinity 8


Maximum Capacity

Banquet:200 pax      Theater:150 pax


Grand Event Hall

200pax From
RM200 / Hour

Seminar Event Hall

150pax From
RM150 / Hour

Rooftop Event Hall

50 pax From From
RM85 / Hour

. Rooftop Brainstorm Room

RM50 / Hour

Cozy Brainstorm Room

RM50 / Hour

Board Meeting Room

RM45 / Hour

Team work Meeting Room

RM45 / Hour

Unity Meeting Room

RM55 / Hour
  • -------------

Executive Meeting Room

RM30 / Hour
  • -----------

Company Overview:

Looking for a premium space with 200 pax but reasonably priced? Troubled to get a brainstorm room with your team? Need an executive meeting room for a big team and sick of cafe meeting?

We’ve got you recovered!

Infinity8 创业吧 Business Centre
✅ Grand Event Hall — 200pax
✅ Seminar Event Hall — 150pax
✅ Board Meeting Room

Infinity8 创业吧 E-commerce Hub

✅ Rooftop Event Hall-50pax
✅ Rooftop Brainstorm Room 

✅ Unity Meeting Hall-50pax 
✅ Teamwork Meeting Room 

Infinity8 创业吧 HQ
✅ Cozy Brainstorm Room
✅ Meeting Room

Infinity8 创业吧 City Centre
✅ Meeting Room

2 reviews

  1. Cost effective

    A cosy shared office space that I would recommend to anyone is just starting up. Cost effective and the team are very easy to deal with.

  2. Helpful

    If you’re considering to start your business in co-working space, make sure you check out Infinity8 before you make your decision. The director of Infinity8 Mr Lee is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable businessman who loves to share his knowledge and experience and always very helpful to his co-workers.

    P/S: Mr Lee is a lawyer also so he can help in this aspect too!

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